Thursday, June 23, 2011

First night back ...

It was a busy and pleasing one...nothing too "omigod, it's going to die RIGHT now if I don't intervene." I treated a puppy with pneumonia, a Schnauzer with severely abnormal liver enzymes and a history of phenobarbital administration, 2 cats from the same household - one with a non-healing abscess and one with an enlarged prescapular lymph node, a dog with seizures, etc. etc.

It kept me busy until well after 2am, at which point, I was able to lie down for a bit. I've been a tad tired these last fews days. I'm not sure if it's pregnancy or just emotional distress or the combination of the two...but I've really been dragging. I'm also cutting my sugary drink intake way down, and I've only had caffeine once in 2 days...which precipitated a massive headache.

Otherwise, good first night back at work.

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