Monday, August 2, 2010

It's all in the details

Greetings from overcast, muggy Atlanta. Thus far, I have not been impressed with AVMA. Organization seems generally lacking. It's a much smaller conference than NAVC, but I'd trade the cattle drive like atmosphere of Orlando for the dull talks and bad organization here. I went to pick up my goody bag this morning at registration. Typically, it's filled with pens, notepads (for taking notes in lectures), a lanyard for your name badge and swipe card, and other stuff. Yeah, I had nothing but a schedule. Why? They ran out of lanyards and notepads. Seriously? I registered for this conference 3 months ago. They do it EVERY SINGLE year. They can't plan better for this? I brought nothing on which to take notes because conferences are (generally) so reliable about the nice notepad in the bag. The talks that I attended this morning were ER in nature, but they were very basic. I didn't glean much from them. Granted, this is a basic veterinary conference, not IVECCS, but still...I thought the lectures could be a bit more advanced.

I had lunch with a fellow blogger - one who follows me and vice versa, Hermit Thrush. It was really cool to meet someone that I've "known" for a while. Blogging creates such an interesting world!

That's really all to say here. If AVMA gets more interesting, I'll be sure to post. We're going to try to see the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow, so that should be fun at least.

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Mary said...

I hope you're at the aquarium, having fun, as I type this!

I'm rather surprised about having the meeting with everyone together as opposed to talking to everyone individually.

I hope things work out better than you expect!