Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sorry I've been a slacker about posting lately. My last week "off" was anything but. I never caught up on my sleep, and as a result, this week, I feel like a slug that has been heavily salted...

It started with driving to Atlanta after working all night the weekend before last. I spent 2 days there, came back. My brother came to visit and spent the night. I cooked a big meal for friends. I rode every night I was off (I jumped 3 foot fences, my first time!). I cooked and cleaned the house. I went to a doctor's meeting. We met with a financial planner (who told us we're doing a good job with our finances, yay!).

The piece de resistance was the drive to Nashville (approx 7.5 hours ONE WAY) to see Arcade Fire - arguably my favorite band in the world - live at the famed Ryman Auditorium. I bought the tickets a while ago in a fervor of excitement, not really thinking the drive through. When it hit home how exhausted I was, I reluctantly decided to sell them on craigslist. As it turned out, AF did not want the tickets scalped, so they were paperless and non-transferable. So rather than waste $180 worth of tickets (I bought 3), I made the drive. It was worth every second in the car. It was the BEST concert I have ever seen. I am not exaggerating, and I go to a lot of shows (see the video). You might have heard Arcade Fire's song Wake Up in the "Where the Wild Things Are" trailer.

In other news, all 4 of my last bottle kittens went to great homes - thankfully. Of course, they were gone approximately 72 hours when this showed up:

Now I am a slave to the bottle and the KMR again. **Sigh**

Some fat ponies that came to the fence as we rode by:

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