Friday, August 6, 2010

Hug the ones that you love dear today.

My first cousin, whom I grew up with as another sibling, lost his 3rd child yesterday about 4 hours after her birth. She was diagnosed in utero at about 6 months with anencephaly (no development of the forebrain/cerebrum). My cousin's wife elected to carry her to full-term and deliver her. They understood that these babies live - at the VERY most - a few days, more likely a few hours. Erin was born yesterday and lived for a few hours. My aunt and uncle were able to get pictures of her and at least get to meet her.

Keep her and my family in your thoughts and prayers. This has been especially hard on my grandparents, as we lost my 2 year old cousin to a tragic drowning a mere 4 years ago.


Christian Kay said...

I am very sorry for your family's loss.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin's loss. Your blog is great! I have a timneh grey, a nanday conure, and a cockatiel.

Love your blog and will visit and leave comments often.


Elizabeth said...

I am sorry for your loss.. How are you doing?

The Homeless Parrot said...

My family is doing well, thank you for asking. My cousin and his wife had been working with a hospice during the pregnancy, so I think they were prepared (as much as you can be). The memorial service was yesterday.