Wednesday, December 12, 2007

they call me doc

the technicians at my externship - that is. i'm having so much fun and doing so much that i never, ever want to go back to vet school. for the first time, i see it - i see what it's like to be a doctor - to have people look to you for answers and to trust that you know the answers. this last week has been amazing. the overseeing doctors have turned me loose to take cases and treat as i see fit. and i'm confident. and i love it. i really really really love it.

i did an emergency spay on a pregnant dog (1 fetus was dead, 1 alive) in renal failure, tomorrow i'm amputating a cat's leg, i've sutured up lacerations, diagnosed and correctly managed blastomycosis (on my own, no less!), diagnosed a cat with severe anemia and given a life-saving blood tranfusion, repaired a proptosed (popped-out eye) and sutured the eye closed to let it heal...and so many other things.

i've been working anywhere from 14-24 hour shifts (one notable day started at 9am and ended at 9am the next day) - and i cannot get enough. it's rewarding and it's sad and it's hard and it's everything i thought it would be and nothing like i thought.

i don't want to go back to finish my senior year. especially since our boards are over now, and i've been out and called doctor. i just want to stay out...

only 4 more rotations to go...

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