Thursday, December 27, 2007

christmas thanks

i didn't do a real thanksgiving post. i think i just bitched about being tired and upcoming boards and being sick. so i'm going to take a moment and actually list the gifts life has given me.

1) my husband - patient, forgiving, loyal, and supportive through 4 years that have sorely taxed us both in many ways (ahem- vet school). after almost 9 years of marriage (yes, nine!) - i am still sad when i'm the first one home. i am still happy when i hear a car door slam and know it's him coming home. i still like to surprise him at school and take him to lunch. he's still my best friend and the person that gets me through the rough patches.

2) my family - flaws yes. outweighed by what they give me? most definitely. without my family, i wouldn't be who i am today - the good and the bad. i feel incredibly lucky to know that if i ever needed anything, if i was ever in trouble - whether of my own making or otherwise - i have not one but TWO families to whom i could turn. not only was i born with an incredibly close family - but i married into one that over the years (11 of them all told!) has become a part of me. they are as much a part of me as the family to which i was born.

3) my friends - those that i would call my close friends are numbered in single digits (family members excluded). but those people that i do call true friends are as dear to me as family. i know - in a moment - they would be with me, should i need them. miles separate me from some of them - but our hearts are never separated.

4) the opportunity to be a veterinarian - i am blessed with enough motivation and intelligence to pursue a rigorous degree in a rigorous program in a country with only 27 vet schools. despite having to take out a massive amount of financial aid to pave the way, in 4.5 short months, i will be walking across a stage to receive my DVM degree. i never imagined i could or would do it, but with the support of my husband and family, i'm almost there.

5) my country - despite its shortcomings, i wouldn't choose to live anywhere else in the world. i'm proud of my country and all that it stands for - i think we are - as someone once said - "like a shining city on a hill."

enough maudlin ramblings for the evening?

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