Wednesday, September 19, 2007

today was a vast improvement over both monday and tuesday. despite the fact that since i missed parasit, i have to make up ALL eight of the cases, instead of the one i would otherwise have been responsible for, i'm pretty mellow and happy right now. i had a chat with the pathologist - she said she knew i was being flippant when i said 'i hate necropsy' - and she wasn't aiming her comments at me...not really. also, her cat was euthanized yesterday, so she was in a rough place...and i - AS PER USUAL - took her comments totally personally. i'm such a freak.

i'm actually acclimated to the stench and gore now. i did a big horse today, with the help of a rotation-mate (usually takes 2-3 people per large animal). it was freshly dead but by no means pleasantly aromatic. no problems. no vomiting in my mouth. i'm finally ok. and i think i'll be ok next time i get down to path (which isn't till january or so). everything else is going smoothly too. i did a bearded dragon yesterday, which was interesting because it was very different than what i've been accustomed to doing.

i wish i could be a little more equilibrated...generally. i hit a small rough patch, and i just lost my cool. i felt so bad on monday and tuesday. but, it all turned out fine. and no one (besides ms bitchy) really seems to care about that patch. or even really noticed it. i always take everything too hard and too personally. even constructive criticism makes me feel like a failure. ah well. at least i've learned to pick myself up and move on, right?

i started this post with a point, but i've long since forgotten what it was. i have to give a presentation tomorrow for parasitology. i decided to do canine heartworm infection in people. yes, you can catch heartworms from dogs. well, really - you catch them from mosquitoes that caught them from dogs. but you catch my drift. it's really rather interesting. i'll spare you the gross details and pictures of my case report - which was a man with a filarial worm in his EYE. floating around in his vitreous humor (the jelly in the back of your eye). i kid you not. i know. repulsive.

but isn't repulsive the theme of the week?

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