Thursday, September 13, 2007

i don't hate necropsy anymore

haha. made you look. i still hate it - more than i did last time i posted in a semi-hysterical state. wednesday was actually worse than tuesday. we had 3 cows and a goat to cut up. THREE COWS. do you know how much work cutting up 3 cows is? we can't just cut them up, peek inside, and be done. it involves removing every organ, as i've said before. and then - the cows must be dismembered into chunks that can be disposed of easily. god. it SUCKS. when i got home yesterday, my back ached terribly from sawing the goat's head off. and i couldn't expunge the smell of rotting and death from my mind's nostril (if you have a mind's eye, then why not a mind's nostril? i certainly seem to possess one...)

furthermore, the last 3 nights, i've gotten home at 6:30-7. now, if i were a) on a rotation i liked or b) on any other rotation - like neuro or ophtho or med then i would expect late nights - far in excess of merely 7pm. but necropsy?? keeping us at school till 6pm?? and i've had to write a necropsy report every night and do parasitology homework. when i come home from pathology, all i want to do is fall onto the couch and pass out. but i can't. it takes me - the WRITER - 3 hours or more to properly research and write my necropsy report.

but sometimes i believe in god, and that he is merciful. in the morning hours today, while doing parasitology rounds, we were informed that we had 2 horses, a cow, and a sugar glider to do this afternoon. again, 3 large animals. we were all near tears when we heard the news. the last 3 days have been so rough. and then we got to path rounds before going to the amphitheater, and it turns out that one horse was an optional necropsy and the other a disposal only. and the cow never showed up (it was an outside case). so, we had NOTHING but the sugar glider. you can imagine my intense elation.

i'm sure it will rapidly wane, as tomorrow is friday. and fridays are -- well, fridays. it's gonna be entertaining. to say the least.

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