Friday, September 21, 2007

it's over

my first trip through necropsy has come to a close. i wish i had something wise to say, but really - i'm just grateful to be moving on to something else. even if that something else is radiology.

things i'm excited about in late september and october:

the avett brothers concert next weekend
the football game tomorrow night and having seats on the 50 yard line
my next block (after radiology) has med I = small animal medicine = YAY
band of horses has a new album out in october
my favorite chinese restaurant reopens oct 3rd after being bought out

my life is full of small excitements. i did a cheetah today in necropsy, by the way. it came in from the zoo. raging carcinomatosis. that means raging diffuse malignant cancer. this cat was filled from diaphragm to colon with hard white nodules of cancer. the liver was obscured by bumps. the spleen had undergone osseous metaplasia - which means that the cancer cells, for whatever odd reasons cancer cells have, decided to become bone. the spleen was so hard you could bang it on the table. it was quite dramatic. unfortunately, said cheetah showed up at 5pm, when we were finished with all the day's work. so we had to stay and do the cheetah. i didn't get home till 7ish. ah well. that's vet school, eh?

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