Tuesday, January 31, 2006


i'm fond of that word. i just finished reading nutrition. i find it to be so terribly dull. i was reading about how to properly feed dairy cattle vs beef cattle vs sheep vs goats. my eyes almost rolled back in my head. and not because i have no interest in those animals. just because nutrition is freaking boring.

i'm about to move onto alimentary systems (otherwise known as vomiting and diarrhea 101). it's a much more interesting class. i'm already way behind. in 2 weeks, i think we've covered 300 pages of notes or something. unreal.

nothing else to report. i'm trying to arrange to move my opthal midterm so that i can go down to FL for a weekend in february. i would leave thurs and come back monday night. flying, preferably. my favorite pastime, as most of you know, is flying. that and shoving small pieces of glass up my nostrils. i'm looking into getting some xanax from someone so that i can properly sedate myself once on board. what's sad is that i'm a rational person (stop snickering!). i know that flying is 1000 times safer than getting in my car everyday. i know that i'm in no more control in my car than i am in an airplane. although i do have the illusion of control with the car. i know that we all have to go sometime - and when it's time, it's time. and it's not like crashing would be any worse of a way to die than the myriad other options. so...i still hate flying. and i still cry and get airsick.

i'm such a weeny-head.

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