Sunday, January 8, 2006

haven't felt much like posting

briefly, i'm taking my pharmacology final tomorrow. it shouldn't be any worse than they normally are. pathology on tuesday. school starts wednesday. i did surgery again on last friday, through a low-cost neuter/spay clinic. i got to neuter a puppy and to spay another puppy. i've been keeping busy cleaning, organizing, and settling the nest. and going out to dinner. we've been out to dinner 4 nights in a row. wednesday, we took andrew, dee, karen, and james out to dinner to thank them for moving us - at parkside tavern. expensive but worth the money. thursday, we went to bonnie's farewell party (she's moving to alabama), friday - the ashes came up to see bonnie off and we went to wasabi. and last night, we finally had a 'welcome home andrew' / happy birthday rhiannon / congratulations on graduating rhiannon / happy birthday jim dinner party at carrabas. we have so much leftover food we'll be eating it for months.

in the downtime, i'm pretty depressed. i feel surreal and detached most of the time. i try to keep myself occupied, but i don't have any motivation to do anything in particular. so i just watch movies, watch TV, go out to dinner, and sleep. i don't want to read really...studying for the next 2 days will keep me busy, thankfully.

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