Saturday, January 21, 2006

fun week

i had a fun week. no class, we were in CE (clinical experience). i was in the exotics ward, which is where - OF COURSE - i wanted most to be. myself and the other 2nd year knew more about birds than the fourth years we were on rotation with - so i got to do a lot of bird handling and other fun stuff. it was a great week. i got to see another tiger from the local rescue having surgery. and i actually took pictures this time (albeit with my camera phone). we had several interesting cases, including an amazon with an old humeral fracture and an african grey with a mysterious, unidentifiable nodule in his air sacs. i loved the experience.

other than that, i haven't much to say. it doesn't feel like school has really started yet because we only had 3 days of classes. next week is when the fun truly begins. tuesday - since monday, i'll be at the CDC. we leave for atlanta tomorrow.

i still sleep too much, a combination of being depressed and sick. i got whatever fun little bug is traveling around. sore throat, cough, snot...the works. i'm finally getting over it. but now jim has it. he's been asleep all day.

not much else to say. if you've never listened to calexico - go download the album 'feast of wire' - it's incredible.

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