Tuesday, January 10, 2006

4 weeks
it's been a month/4 weeks today.

i took my path final today. it went fine. then i ran errands - got my contact prescription, bought school supplies, went to the post office, etc. etc. all the stupid stuff i needed to do before school starts. tomorrow. i'm not ready.

i can't think of much else to say. alison came over and we watched the sisterhood of the traveling pants. it was terrible.

i have been listening to a lot of music right now and realizing how much there is that i'll never hear. and how good music can be. i've discovered (or rather, alison did and passed them on) - calexico. a mexican-ish themed band. incredible. and death cab for cutie is amazing. and the shins - chutes too narrow - is a great CD. and grandaddy's new CD is fantastic, too. music is a good way to submerge the thoughts. headphones drown out a lot, even the internal voice(s).

"if the silence takes you, i hope it takes me too"
-- 'soul meets body' by death cab for cutie

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