Sunday, January 29, 2006


as in, i have been remiss in posting lately. every time i sit down to write, i stop. i really don't want to because all of the stuff milling around in my head right now is painful and unpleasant to write about. yes, i have finally found a way to make myself stop being so open to the world. death. also, i think all the thoughts in my head are trite and there's no real point in expressing them - because - even if they aren't trite - there isn't any answer to the them - or anything to say. so why bring it up at all?

school is school. i go everyday, sit through class, try to get enough sleep and study. i haven't been studying nearly as much as i need to be though. i think i'm burnt out. it's not just me, either. i look around during class and people look...stuporous. a lot of people haven't even started studying yet. at least i'm not quite that bad. i've been working. just not nearly as furiously or with as much dedication as usual. it's hard to care right now.

my first test is a week from tomorrow - endocrinology. i like the class. i find hormones rather interesting. it's a short class though, i think it ends in march.

i had a low-key weekend. friday night was a movie and dinner with jim (wedding crashers - which was AWFUL!) and hardee's thickburgers (which were hot, fresh, and GREAT!). saturday, i went to the big ole flea market near here with friends from school (j, s, and a). from there, i drove home and spent the day/night in gvegas . mom and i watched teen wolf (worse than i remembered!), gilmore girls (8 episodes!), and 2 episodes of firefly. during all this, we socialized and ate A LOT. we went to bed at 4am, like we were 16 year old girls. i woke up groggy and guessed the time to be around 12:30pm. boy, was i wrong. it was 2:30 in the afternoon. i gathered my stuff and came home.

my goal was to clean up the house a bit, eat dinner, and settle down to study. but then our hot water heater ruptured and poured water all over the basement. so that took some time to deal with (calls to landlord, putting stuff up off the floor, etc). i just settled down to study around 7:45. and here i am. we have no hot water, so i have to get up too early and go over to my brother's to shower. i'm toying with doing it late tonight before bed. we'll see.

my uncle buster is dying of liver cancer. he's in hospice care now - at home in brkr with his wife and family. i'm trying to figure out a weekend to go down and visit - but we'll see how that works out.

it's shaping up to be a stellar semester (sarcasm is hard to convey on the internet - so - i meant that with HEAVY sarcasm).

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