Monday, November 14, 2005

two down

i am now finished with infectious diseases. so that's 2 of my 8 classes that are finished. it leaves me 6 more finals to go. finals week promises to be ... amusing.

i hardly studied for this test. it was very naughty of me. especially considering it was covering exotic animal diseases - and you would think i would have been interested in that. i was. but i was lazy and burnt out. also, it was only a 50 point test (the other 2 were 100 - and i needed an 80 or so to keep an A - which considering how little i knew - i might not have made!). anyway, i came home after the final because i had to change into 'clinic appropriate' clothing. whatever that is.

so, the rest of the week, i'm going to spend in the clinics working as a 'doctor.' i'm excited but a little apprehensive. i don't really know what i'm doing or what's expected of me. i'm just THRILLED to be out of class for the next week. not that i won't have to study. i will. i need to catch up in urinary and hematology. i say that now, but watch - it'll be just like ables week. i won't do ANYTHING but sleep, eat, read books, and watch movies. i shouldn't do that, but i'm open to the possibility that it might happen regardless.

not much else to say. i'll try to post this week about the interesting things i see. maybe i'll get some cool pictures. who knows?

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