Sunday, November 13, 2005

hello again

in the interest of keeping myself sane, i have deleted my old blog and relocated to a new address. this will be a super-secret double undercover blog containing no personal information or pictures of moi (though it will contain pics of others). i couldn't stand the thought of not blogging, because it's too therapeutic not to do it. my old blog, sad to say, is no more. but yes, i saved all my old posts. i couldn't stand the thought of not having a record of my life in vet school. i decided to delete my old one because - while i understand the publicness of putting this out there - i didn't feel like being vulnerable and exposed to all my classmates. it's okay if people i don't know randomly find this blog, or my family and close friends read it. but the thought of people that don't particularly like me reading about me -- it was a bit disconcerting.

so, tomorrow is my final in infxs diseases. yay. then i have 1 class, a lunch meeting, and then i'm a doctor! no, just kidding. tomorrow afternoon is the start of clinical experience. i spend the week working in the clinic. my assignment is neurology. i heard it's a pretty intense place to be. you get there at 8am and leave sometime around 8pm. i also don't remember anything about the cranial nerves except their names and numbers (sometimes). but i'm really excited that i get to wear a white coat and carry a stethoscope and look like a real DVM.

alright, i've procrastinated enough. i'm going to study.

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