Tuesday, July 5, 2005

happy independence day

i guess that was technically yesterday.

i've had a busy weekend. i left on friday to ride with jim and his parents to kenton, tn (right outside memphis) for the his dad's family reunion. it was a good time. that side of jim's family is really easy-going, fun, and interesting. it would have been a great time had i not come down with some odd bug. i was feeling okay, but on saturday, i got really sick. i projectile vomited up my dinner on saturday night. the ride back from kenton on sunday was spent mostly in a sleepy stupor on jim's lap. i recovered okay, though. i still feel icky today, but i can eat. today, we drove to greeneville for a short visit with the family. i was feeling bad again and spent some of the time napping. jim socialized, since he won't get to go to the beach this year. we left early to meet dee and alison back in kville at the green hills grille for dinner. it was to celebrate our mutual anniversaries - ours on july 2nd and theirs on july 4. 6 years for us, 1 year for them. amazing how time flies. the food at GHG was mediocre and expensive, but i enjoyed the company. however, by the time we got home (around 10ish), i was feeling worn out and icky again. i climbed into bed, but i have since found that i can't sleep. so, here i am.

i haven't much to report. i'm having a hard time lately - mentally as well as physically. i've gotten all tangled up in my neuroses. living in someone else's house is hard - as i expected it to be. it's very hard to overcome my control freak tendencies. on top of that, i have cleanliness issues. and this house is anything BUT clean. there is clutter and mess everywhere. it's been steadily getting better since we moved in, but there is still much to do. i would do it, if i were capable of sorting through someone else's stuff. but i can't. so i have to wait. and having my hands tied when there is cleaning to do is NOT something i'm happy about. that gets me down. when i'm down, i start to fixate on other things - my inability to change the flaws i perceive in myself, my shortcomings, the future, etc. etc. and it makes me unhappy. to top it off, i've had some sort of constant sinus problem lately that is just about to drive me mad. i have nose bleeds, a painful, dry nose, and constant snot issues. it's uncomfortable - to say the least. and it's only happened since we moved. i can't figure out what it is. i hope it's not the dogs.

anyway, i haven't much else to say now. i am reading the mists of avalon still. it's a long book, and i haven't had much time for it lately. it's very good though, totally engrossing. i should be returning to work tomorrow, but at this point, who knows? adios, amigos.

oh yes, i heard a funny comment today by a comedian. he said:

"why are we screening everyone that goes through airports? whites, blacks, mexicans? where's a mexican gonna go if he hijacks a plane? he's already here!" i thought that was great.

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