Tuesday, June 28, 2005

mists of avalon

i watched the TV mini-series last night. it was a little more than 3 hours long and much, much better than i expected from a tv series. i really enjoyed it. i loved that the story was told from the viewpoint of the women of camelot instead of the typical way. it got me in the mood to actually read the book finally - which alison gave me as a gift for some past gift-giving occasion. i think i will delve into all 1000 pages of it, since i have virtually nothing else to do with my time. i have given up my errant shopping ways (i've used errant twice in two days...my vocab must be slipping!). i have also given up on eating out every night, which is what jim and i have been doing for the past year. it was too difficult to cook with school being so much pressure and whatnot. so, we just ate out. but i've cooked every night but one for the past week! good dinners too - chicken lasagna, pork filets, etc. sounds pricey -but most of them are pre-cooked. like the lasagna, it was frozen stouffers. the pork was all me though. tonight, we're cooking a butterball turkey, which i expect to be eating for the next week or so. i loooooove turkey though:)
so, this is sad. my blog has come down to a discussion of the minutiae of my dinners. ok. i'm going to go now and read a book. exercise the 'ole kidneys.

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