Sunday, June 12, 2005

a nomadic sort of life

doesn't moving every year for the past 7 years qualify us for nomad status? is there some sort of government expemption for that? and did i mention that i am in NO way fond of being a nomad? i hate moving almost more than i hate going to the eye doctor and getting that little blast of air shot into my pupils. rhiannon and jim have spent the majority of the day tiling. see - we're moving into rhiannon's house and taking over the finished basement. it has a sauna and shower, as well as a toilet (though these are not in the same room). the shower has been untiled for many years, and rhiannon never got around to tiling it, though she had the supplies - tile and all. at any rate, part of our moving in 'contract' was finishing the shower. so, they've been tiling. i've been packing. i HATE moving. but i'm less stressed about moving in with rhiannon now. i had been worried, but we had a long talk yesterday, and i expect it to go much smoother than i thought it would. i'm actually looking forward to it now. i'll have someone to help me with birdcare and vice versa. also, keeping our 'house' (ie the basement) clean won't be so much work for me during the school year. considering jim will be in school, it's going to be hard. plus, the much cheaper rent and utilities are great. but 5 birds in one's going to be a busy, loud household.

hrm. there isn't much to report. i finally get to start - barring anymore unforeseen breakages and/or hangups - my research tomorrow. we'll see how that works out. already 3 weeks of the 10 week project have been virtually wasted. what can i do? i'm sure there is other stuff to report, but i'm at a loss currently to remember what it is. i'm not even sure anyone is reading my blog since school got out...

is there anybody out there?

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