Thursday, June 16, 2005

moving SUCKS

i think i might have mentioned that, so perhaps i should talk about something else. the stray macaw's owner showed up - thankfully. though she was rude and abrupt when she talked to me on the phone. didn't even say thanks for making sure that he got taken care of or anything. just rude and impatient. people never cease to amaze me. something vaguely interesting happened this morning. someone called me about the ad for a found parrot in the paper and said that they had lost their parrot. the woman sounded either high or mildly retarded. and she says, 'i lost my parrot.' i said 'what kind of parrot did you lose?' she said 'you know, a parrot.' i said 'what species?' - she didn't know, she just kept repeating a parrot. i asked her what color he was, she said 'green' - nothing else. no description, nothing. i asked her several questions - each of which she answered slowly and haltingly - and sounded like she was just guessing. i was amazed. i think she was calling to try and claim this parrot as her own - when it wasn't even her bird. at any rate, i just thought that was interesting.

well, i have nothing else much to write about. my days consist of working in the lab for a few hours (usually 4) and packing/cleaning/washing/folding/packing/moving...etc.

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