Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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i haven't much to say. i cooked dinner again tonight (last night was spaghetti and salad). tonight was leftover spaghetti and chicken/cheese/rice casserole.

i saw a movie by myself yesterday. a matinee of 'march of the penguins' - a documentary film about emperor penguins in antarctica. it was really interesting, beautifully filmed, and my first alone-movie. i go out to eat alone on occasion, shop alone, but i've never done the movie alone thing. it was a new experience. i felt a little naked and obvious at first, but that quickly went away. the documentary was great ... and the experience was great. my only complaint was that some IDIOT brought along a 4 year old child (or maybe 3) to a documentary film. the kid cried, talked, whined, and played with a very loud toy the entire film. the toy was one of those sticks with 2 balls that you try to bang together in sync. who the hell gives a kid a toy like that in a movie theater? it was beyond rude and inconsiderate. i considered asking for my money back, because the kid was so distracting, but in the end, i just tried to shut it out. i might have enjoyed the movie even more had the kid been absent.

anyway, i've fallen in love with stevie wonder. there are few songs that are as amazing as 'superstition' - i maintain. you can see where jamiroquai comes by his influences - heavily. next to stevie wonder, he's just a weak imitation.

i'm reading a book called 'enslaved by ducks' - it's about a husband who finds his life overrun with pets that his wife brings home - bunnies, parrots (2 african greys and others), ducks, turkeys, cats, dogs, etc. the book is a reflection on how he went from ambivalent about animals to caring for the ducks outdoors - including filling their plastic pool during the freezing january winter. i laughed so hard just reading the back - because it made me think of jim over and over - that i had to buy it and read it. it's pretty funny - if only because it seems so familiar - like a book i could have written.

i guess that's all. i'm still obsessed with fashion and clothing. . . and music... i've been downloading a lot of music lately. i don't have much to do, other than clean up after birds/husbands, cook dinner, and try to resist the urge to shop. i read - but i read too fast, i never thought that would be a problem. but it is. i finished my books too fast. later.

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