Tuesday, July 26, 2005


for my histopaque to reach room temperature. i can't do anything until it does, unfortunately. i should have had someone take it out of the fridge before i arrived at the lab today, but i wasn't thinking too straight when i woke up.

ugh. i feel icky. i'm sure i have stuff to talk about, but for the moment...i'm rather blank. i was in Gvegas last night till about 12:30am, playing trivial pursuit pop culture with my family. it was my mom's birthday, so we had dinner and played games. it was sharona's birthday too, but she was in memphis. everybody has a birthday in the next week. mom and sharon's yesterday, nanny's on wednesday, alison's friday, andrew's on saturday, phillip's on monday - and on and on. the list never seems to end. why does everyone get busy during nov/dec?

alison has me hooked on a pretty wholesome TV show called the gilmore girls. it further demonstrates how impressionable my mind is...i watch it - and immediately become more appreciative of my family and the support network i have. i realize that i'm easily influenced - and therefore, maybe i'm not easily influenced - but i have to be careful what i put in my head because bad things could result. it's a rather interesting thought. i've never been one to blame porn and video games for the world's evils (and to clarify i still DON'T)...but again, i acknowledge that the weaker minder in society might be easily molded by what is on TV, in the theater, on the radio...as a result, i'm more choosy about what goes in. though i still watch R rated movies and stuff like that -- i think i'm just more aware of its possible influence...

i'm babbling. don't listen to me.
i have to go prep my samples...

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