Thursday, July 21, 2005

masochistic streak

i have one - about 6 miles wide. i volunteered to prepare materials for the incoming 1st year class. that involves scanning every test we took last year into the computer, compiling them, organizing them into folders according to semester, then according to class. on top of that, i volunteered to compile (which means typing by hand into microsoft word) all the anatomy objectives for fall semester. there are only (heavy sarcasm) 194 of them! and some of these objectives are 3-4 pages long. the goal is to get all this information neatly organized and onto a CD. i will then take that beautifully organized CD and burn 70 copies. it's a lot more work than i bargained for when i volunteered. but i really want to help out the incoming students. the class above us wasn't so helpful to our class, leaving us to figure out a lot on our own. plus, some classmates got copies of old tests from their big sibs in the class above, and some people didn't. there was an unequal distribution of materials. and everyone needs this stuff. so that's why the CD project. but it's taking a looooooooooooooong time, and i have a severe crick in my neck. i hope they appreciate this.

hrm. other than that, nothing to report. i've spent the day working on this project. it's what i originally intended to do with my week off - that and start gathering poisonous plants for my toxicology herbarium that's due in october. unfortunately, a lot of plants are withered by then. so i have to start collecting and pressing them now. it's good i have a black thumb - plants naturally die a lot faster in my presence. that will aid in compiling my herbarium. haha. i use the word compiling too much.

alright - so what am i listening to as of late? a lot of crap. stevie wonder, which isn't crap. but right now - shame - i'm listening to shakira. she can't dance, and she likes to writhe in mud - for whatever reason - - she can't sing all that well either. why am i listening to this?? oh yes, further evidence of my masochistic streak --- alright ---

nighty -nighty. i think i'm done with my good deed for the day.

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