Friday, July 29, 2011

Keep piling it on universe. No, seriously.

Chicken Biscuit is doing ok. Despite fluids, his kidney values have not improved. At the moment, we are holding off on the surgery to remove the bladder stones. He's going to see the internal medicine specialist on Monday to have an abdominal ultrasound done. They can figure out where that ureteral stone is and whether or not surgery will be beneficial or if it will just buy him some time. I'm hoping for the former, but with my luck lately - it will be the latter.

I also just got the news that I miserably failed my glucose tolerance test. So miserably in fact - that they aren't even going to give me the next test in the process (the 3 hour glucose tolerance test). I got to skip straight to a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. My appointment with the nutritionist is on Tuesday, at which time I'll learn what I can/can't eat. In the meantime, I'm supposed to "watch my sugars and starches" per the nurse. Gee, thanks for the specifics.

We're here in Asheville at the B&B, but I can't say I'm having a great time. I'm worried about my cat, worried about being diabetic, and worried that I'm putting all the wrong foods in my mouth. Further, I've had two dizzy spells today and some nausea - which is a first. I feel weak and icky. It's not conducive to having a great time.

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Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Just stopping to say i'm sorry that life is being so challenging for you at the moment.

I hope things settle down and you can look forward to some time with your baby soon.