Monday, July 4, 2011


So, in non-veterinary news:

1) Baby is cooking along nicely. I am officially 27 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy has been pretty good thus far. I'm starting to have some intermittent hip and back pain, and it's getting much harder to get down on the floor with patients at work - especially the big dogs - but otherwise, things are going well. I did surgery sitting down for the first time - so that was new and entertaining. It actually did help with the back strain, and it wasn't as difficult as I imagined it was. Of course, this was a small dog with bladder we'll see when it's a 150 pound Great Dane GDV.

Eva is really, really active. I can sit and stare at my stomach in awe - watching her move back and forth. It's very exciting to be able to see and feel her so well. I'm getting extremely impatient to meet her...but I still have about 90 days to go! It will here in a flash, I'm sure.

2) My father is having cardiac bypass surgery on July 7th. After talking to the cardiothoracic surgeon, we elucidated that he has 3 vessel disease - disease of all the major vessels in the heart. As a result, the surgery would be of benefit to him. Since he is stable now, and his heart is in good condition, he is going to go ahead. We're heading home Wednesday night to be there.

3) Eva's nursery is going to be in the current cat/bird room. It has 3 bird cages and 3 litterboxes in the closet. We needed a place to move the litterbox, so we installed a cat door in the window to our screened porch. The cats can now go in and out. Since we put in this door, our cats have defected to the back patio. I kid you not, they spend > 85% of the day outside, lounging uselessly in the sun. Stupid cats. Well, our 3 legged cat stays indoors, since he abhors all other cats, but otherwise - all the cats are on the back porch. We haven't moved the birds yet. That's stage 2. It will be followed by stage 3 ... painting the nursery. We've already agreed that it's something my husband will do, and I will take no part in. It's better for our marriage that way. This is the color scheme I'm going for with the nursery

4) This weekend was a busy one at work, thankfully. I didn't sleep any of the 3 nights I worked. Today, I'm fairly worn out. We're missing the 4th of July with family - which is disappointing. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. Instead of being with them, we're here. Tomorrow is our first Bradley method of childbirth class, so we couldn't go home, since we're already leaving to do so on Wednesday.

I'll probably be AWOL most of this week, since we'll be out of town with my family. I'll try to post as I can, though.

Happy America's birthday everyone!


Iowa said...

I can't blame the cats. ;) We get such little sun in the pacific northwest that our dogs will sun themselves as much as they can!

It sounds like overall things are going okay/good. :) Hope your dad has a smooth recovery!

andrea said...

best of thoughts for your dad ...
I love the nursery colours :)

WeldrBrat said...

If you have not done so, yet - by all means... you will appreciate this one. .

It gave me an average of another 5 extra hours in the day - allowing me to feel perfectly fine by 5pm!

Lisa said...

I've been following your blog for quite a while and really enjoy it.

I am 34/35 weeks pregnant right now and had some pretty bad hip pain when sleeping which started a couple months ago. I began seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist just after my first trimester so I have ZERO back pain. If you can find a good one who specializes in pregnant women, I would recommend it. He/she will help align your hips and the rest of your spine which can help with pain (even headaches) for you and getting the baby in the right position. My massage therapist showed me this stretch that has helped so much with my hips. I do it before bed or if I wake up with a cramp. This video is the best example I can find to show you.

Also, my husband and I finished Bradley classes a couple weeks ago and LOVED them. I feel so much more comfortable with birth now than I did before and I wasn't all that uncomfortable to begin with anyway. Also, it should get you thinking a lot about choices you'll have before and after the baby is born. Good luck!