Thursday, February 3, 2011

More on pregnancy

I know ya'll read this blog for veterinary related stuff, but honestly - the baby is taking up all of my spare brain space lately. I laid down to sleep around 3am last night, after watching Center Stage (possibly one of the stupidest, yet most addicting dance movies EVER), and I COULD NOT sleep.

Through my head went everything - finances, stress, lack of sleep, change in schedule, followed by sweet thoughts of a tiny little baby. I keep thinking of it as a her already. My husband scoffs at the idea that I might know already...but hey, I have a 50/50 shot, right?

Everyone at work is sick. One of my technicians has confirmed H1N1 flu, so my OB vaccinated me against it on Tuesday. Hopefully, I wasn't already incubating it! I have been somewhat snotty/congested lately, but I'm told that it's normal to be like that during pregnancy.

So far, no hard-core nausea. Small, brief bouts of it here and there, especially when I don't eat frequently enough - but otherwise, I'm ok. I'm suffering a wee bit of anxiety - because I'm still so early in the pregnancy that I'm worried about miscarrying and that sort of stuff. It's morbid and pointless to worry about, but it's at the back of my mind.

Seems like being at work and busy would be helpful for me at this point, as I'm feeling a bit fragile. The distraction would probably be excellent for me!


Anonymous said...

Have you found a good pregnancy website yet? I liked (I think that's right.) As far as post ideas, what are some things that make your job easier, and why? (I'm working on a post about why I love Cerenia.) Or maybe there's something that makes your job way harder than it should be?

Anonymous said...

Hrm, are there any precautions you have to take at work to protect your baby from exposure to toxoplasmosis?