Thursday, August 21, 2008

small annoyances (but generally, all is well)

the person who so offended my delicate feelings apologized (rather sincerely, i thought). i have many flaws but holding grudges is not one of them, so that situation is finished. i opened my ears and shut my mouth and noted that all around me are coworkers, colleagues, and others dealing with difficult and multi-layered interpersonal relationships. i realized (yet again) that my tendency towards schizophrenic paranoia and self-isolation are a borderline disorder, and i found my feet again at work.

small (to medium sized) annoyances:

1) work has been deadly slow. the theory is that everyone is spending money now that kids are going back to school (new school clothes, etc). last night we saw a whopping 6 patients. none of the owners had money, so they were all sent home with recommendations for what might be causing their problems. i have never worked a wednesday night where we didn't see AT LEAST 15-20 patients. there is a mere 1 hospitalized patient (mine...very interesting/confusing case).

2) micromanagement of cases. i have a superior that is out of the state right now. yet, she is managing one of my cases over the phone. i'm an intern. i'm here to learn. i get that - i really really do. however, waking up after sleeping on overnight to be informed that we ARE adding this treatment and doing this diagnostic without even the courtesy of having it discussed with me so that i can add my reasons for electing NOT to do that therapy...a little on the infuriating side. i've been told repeatedly that i'm handling the case extremely well, and yet...

that's it. that's the list of grievances for today.

things i'm excited about:

1) my best friend and brother-in-law are coming to stay with us labor day weekend. i miss them terribly and can't wait to see them.

2) sunday night is my last day on for a full 7 days.

3) seeing my husband again. he's started back to school and will thus be commuting back to our hold stomping grounds (2 hours one way) on a rather frequent basis. i've been working, he's been working - i feel like strangers sometime.

4) going shopping for "new school clothes" (really - i just want to go shopping...i haven't in a very long time, and i need a new pair of shoes. just because).

probably other things, but at the moment, i can't remember what they are.

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