Friday, August 8, 2008

mark the day, folks

8/8/08 - the day i left work a mere 30 minutes AFTER my shift ended. hell has officially frozen over.

i had 4 cases hospitalized when i left, but i had finished paperwork, treatments, and checked on everyone before i left at 12:17am.

tonight, i stopped taking cases at 10pm. i did my paperwork as i went. i didn't follow the techs around helping with xrays and whatnot. i did my physical exam, i came up with a plan, i did my paperwork. it worked beautifully. of course - it was an uncharacteristically quiet friday night. that means tomorrow will be a living nightmare. but whatever.

i can handle it. (right??)

tonight i saw a kitty with pyrethrin toxicity (DO NOT USE HARTZ OR SARGENTS FLEA CONTROL ON CATS - DESPITE WHAT THE LABEL SAYS!!!!), an organophosphate toxicity, a snakebite, a hit by car, and a neurological dog. all in all, an interesting but doable night on the job (as evidenced by the fact that i'm coherent enough to post something).

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