Saturday, August 16, 2008

and now for something entirely different...

i've given myself full permission to stop thinking about veterinary medicine when i'm off work. no studying, no fretting, no checking VIN for interesting rounds and articles and message board stuff. nope. when i'm off work, i'm not a vet.

in observance of this rule, i also called my would-be other employer and told them that after much careful consideration (and 8 days of hell at work) that i would be declining the part time position they offered me. i felt as if an enormous weight was lifted from my shoulders. i spent my 5 day hiatus from work (i go back tomorrow for 8 days of overnight shifts) enjoying time with my husband, cooking for my houseguests (an extern from my alma mater is staying with us, and her husband came to visit on thurs/fri/sat), going hiking and climbing yesterday, and going out for drinks and dancing at our local gay club last night. today, i have been utterly useless, sleeping, reading my frivolous fashion magazines, doing laundry, and shortly about to watch one of my netflix 80s classics (the goonies or the terminator). the husband is camping tonight. i would have joined him, but i have to work the 12p-12am shift tomorrow before starting true overnights on monday.

after that, i have 7 days off, 7 on...and then somewhere in that 2nd week of september, i have the weekend off for the first home football game of the season. i looooove me some football!!!

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all but 1 said...

I'm glad you chose sanity over money. I hope the next 10 months become better than the previous 2 months.