Thursday, August 7, 2008

guilty, guilty, guilty

those of you who know me at all in my real life know that i have a hopelessly self-righteous superiority complex when it comes to TV and video games. it's not because i think that there is anything inherently wrong with either thing. it's more because every time i see the crap that's on tv, my stomach churns. people actually watch this? i think to myself, disgusted and depressed at the state of our entertainment. i don't have cable. not even basic cable. i don't remember the last time i sat down and watched TV. i do love movies and some HBO shows that i own on dvd (sex and the city, sopranos)...but other than that...i hold TV in somewhat low regard. perhaps i have read ray bradbury's 'farenheit 451' too many times. but for whatever reason, i just plain don't like TV. the only time i want to have cable is during football season. same with video games. it seems like too many intelligent people i know play video games in lieu of reading a book or watching/reading the news or going outside and doing something athletic and challenging. again - it's not against video games themselves - just the amount of time some people i know spend doing it. to their own detriment, i contend. on the other hand - people have spare time - and they may do with it as they please. i'm not exactly judging others for indulging in too much TV or video games - we live in a free society. it just makes me sad how much time people spend immersed in utterly vapid "entertainment" - MTV being an excellent example.

so - stepping down from my soapbox (pedestal) - i am about to become a total hypocrite and wallow in the mud.

i .................................... am .................................... completely ................................ and ............................. totally addicted to guitar hero.

i played it at my brother-in-law's house on their PS3. and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. jim and i went out and bought it last night and now i'm totally and completely addicted.

on the one hand, it's kind of a good thing. after last week's mind-numbing work schedule and exhaustion, i need something to totally take my mind off veterinary medicine. i have to say, it's great for that. of course, i'm developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand from playing on medium...but hey...who cares??

on that note, i start my 2nd job a week from today at the other animal hospital. i know, i know - bad idea, right? here's my thought process: jim and i have 1 credit card which we only use when cash flow is exceptionally tight. moving after graduation cost quite a bit, so some of that was put on the credit card. we owe about $1800 on it at the moment. that's all our debt (of course not including student loans). i can work 6 days at my new job and pay it off in entirety, then jim and i can save up for a house or a car for jim or whatever. it's a small amount of debt relative to most people i know, but it's something we would like to take care of first and foremost. after those 6 days, i will reassess. if i'm exhausted and burned out, then i won't work anymore. if i'm enjoying it - then we'll see.

alright, off to practice the mad guitar riff in 'crazy on you.'

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