Saturday, December 3, 2005

yesterday was a thoroughly enjoyable day - low key christmas shopping for others, the purchase of a pair of low-key black boots for moi (see above), and a late movie. and what a movie! myself, J, A, and D all went and saw the new pride and prejudice last night. i LOVED it. i can say that in all exuberance. i do love the book very much - and the BBC miniseries with colin yummy firth and jennifer ehle. i had very low expectations for this movie, considering that it comes after many, many other adaptations. but it was great. the cinematography was beautiful, the music was incredible, matthew mcfadyen was HOT as mr darcy. it was great. we did much swooning after it was over. i want to see it again already.

in other news - school is going well. monday and tuesday are the last, short days of class. and then 2 days to study - and then finals. i have my first on friday (in urinary systems) - then monday through thursday are the rest of them. three of my classes are finished - only 5 left! i made an A on my last urinary exam (eeked out a 90) - i'm glad to say.

the exciting news is that monday - i get to do my surgery!!!! i'm not nervous yet, though i know i will be by the time 12:30 rolls around. i'll either do a spay or a neuter, depending on animal availability and if i get there early enough to snag what i want. i think i want to do a spay - because it's more difficult. but i guess we'll see.

we signed a lease today for our new house. i'm excited to be moving. i'm not even dreading the grind of packing up and shipping out. i'm ready --- so VERY ready to be back in our own place. and of course - our moving heralds the return of my brother from overseas. so that's good.

minor birdie drama today. epi was unsupervised - and climbed up on titus' cage. he bit a hole through her wing. she's been to school already to be examined - and there's no bone damage. she's on TMS (trimethsulfa antibiotics) and meloxicam (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) - and she's going to live:) and i only got charged $10. so, i'm happy about that.

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