Wednesday, December 7, 2005

not to be trite

but i'm stuck on this side of hell again. otherwise called finals week. it seems like this semester has gone by faster than anything i've ever experienced before. how can i already be halfway through my second year of vet school? ugh. makes me feel like i'm circling the drain sometimes. at any rate, i'm at the stage where there just doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done that i need to get done. i feel a tad panicky. i'm trying to quash it though. i spent the day at the blount county library studying a variety of subject. it's a GREAT library. tons of natural light, perfect height tables and chairs. not to mention every table has 2 nice, adjustable brightness lamps + recessed plugs (for my ipod!). i love going there. i'm very productive and happy and feel a sense of calm and general well-being. it's a FANTASTIC library. my favorite ever. too bad it takes 15 mins to get there. otherwise, it would be perfect.

friday is my first final - urinary. my average in that class is an 89.5. so close. it's a 4 hour class too - so pulling it up to an A would be fantastic for my GPA. professors always say that grades don't change much come finals. i've found that to be very true. it's hard to believe that though - when some of my finals are worth in excess of 50% of my grade (ahem...hematology). but come on - one half of one measly point? at any rate...i'm feeling overwhelmed but not stressed. is that possible? i guess i know that it'll get done. or it won't. whatever happens...happens. i'll just do my best and muddle on through it. i feel a great deal more peace regarding vet school this semester. it started out really really bad. but i've equilibrated some. i guess my neuroses about social interactions just overthrew me mentally for a bit - and when i calmed down and came around to it - i realized that i have everything i need in my life. why am i going and letting my chattery brain screw things up for me?

monday is my hematology exam. i expect it to be frightfully hard. the nature of the course is entirely it'll be fun (read: fun like gouging out your eyes with a dull spoon). tuesday is my written surgery final. wednesday is pharmacology, and thursday is the final day for tests - pathology. i have an A in that class, currently. it's my other 4 hour class... i would love to maintain that grade. but i dunno.

i have 10 classes next semester ! ! ! ! 10 (not counting ABLEs and CE weeks). isn't that preposterous? i'm taking 2 electives on top of my 'required' courses. clinical immunology and introduction to poultry. yes. i'm going to study chickens for a semester. yay! i'm actually excited about it. if i decide that i want to pursue money when i get out of vet school, i could be a chicken inspecting vet. they make $$$$$$ basically cause nobody wants that job (just pure speculation here).

umm. not much else to report in this sector. we're moving soon after school gets out. things here are tolerable. it's still not my house - and it's still too messy for my tastes. but currently, i don't care enough or have time enough to do anything about it.

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