Saturday, December 10, 2005

the fun has begun

and oh what fun. i spent my saturday (and might i add that it was a beautiful saturday!) at the blount co library again. god. i looooove that library. it's so perfect in every way for studying. now, if only people could be as flawless as buildings. i mean, seriously. how is one supposed to act in a library? don't you typically use a low tone of voice (called a WHISPER in some circles) when talking to other people? and don't you refrain from sitting next to someone who is obviously embroiled in their studies - and talking on your cell phone? and aren't children supposed to be SEEN and not HEARD? loudly heard? people are such idiots.

anyway, overall, it was a very productive 5 hour stretch for me. i'm taking a momentary break to feed my animals - and maybe nap for an hour - then it's back to the grind.

my first final (actually my 4th - but first of official finals week) went well. NOT. my alarm failed to wake me for some reason. my 2nd alarm (jim) forgot to call me when he was supposed to. i was 20 mins late to my final. i got to school and realized that i drove there in an almost total sleep fog. i wasn't even fully awake when i took the test. i didn't do as well as i wanted to - i'm pretty sure. which absolutely sucks, because i needed an A (a 90) to get an A in that class. my grade is hovering at the 89.5 mark.

at any rate, monday is my hardest final - by far - hematology. and it's worth a whopping 60% of my grade. i really enjoy the subject, so let's hope my enjoyment translates to knowledge.

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