Friday, December 30, 2011

Status quo

I haven't blogged because I've been off work for 9 days (delightful), and my first 2 nights back were very dull. I think that's a good thing honestly. Every time I start wishing for a difficult case that requires intensive management, I remember my first week back to work and the 3 incredibly challenging and scary surgeries I did. Then I'm thankful that winter is slow and that I can get 6-7 hours of sleep per night at work. At least for now. Work is the only time I get much sleep!

Christmas was lovely. We spent a week with our families. I feel particularly lucky to not only have a wonderful family of my own, but for the fact that I love my in-laws so much and get along with them so well. Evaline was spoiled by constant loving attention. I think she has been somewhat dissatisfied with the relatively lower level of attention she's been getting since we came back (fear not, she gets PLENTY of attention).

My metastatic cancer patient (the partial liver lobectomy, etc) is doing very well at home. The owners are pleased that we bought him some time, and so am I. I questioned myself heavily on whether I had done the right thing for the dog and owner. Knowing he made it through the holidays with his family - and made it through happy and bouncy - was a great relief.

Today is my husband's birthday, but we have no exciting plans other than a nice dinner at home (chicken pot pie, his favorite) and spending time with the butterbean. Life is pretty awesome right now.

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