Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well, it has happened.

No more nights for me until my maternity leave ends. My blood sugar - while not terrible - was not stable and happy this weekend. Part of that is because of the incredibly convoluted schedule of eating/sleeping that I keep when I'm working the night shift on weekends. Part of the problem is the fact that I can sleep for a while, but I inevitably get woken up by a random 3am seizuring dog or 5am euthanasia. If I've taken my overnight insulin, I don't feel like I should eat, but then the nurse practitioner told me that if I'm up working, I should be grazing. It's all very confusing. The OB I saw last time offered to write me out of working nights because of the effect it was having, but I declined.

No longer. Instead of 9 days of work left, I have 2 day shifts the weekend after this. I would have worked the day shifts this weekend, but alas, our big baby shower is occurring.

I won't lie. There is a huge amount of guilt involved in this. There shouldn't be, I know. It's all about taking care of our little girl. Still, given the nature of our small clinic, if I'm not there, one of my colleagues has to pick up the slack. In the reverse situation, I would be totally willing to do the same, yes. I hope they realize that. It's only 7 days that I am missing. So that's not all that bad, right?


Elizabeth said...

No not bad at all.. Taking care of your precious little girl and yourself is the most important thing..

Nicki said...

You have to take care of yourself first. It's ok, they will understand. It's only 7 days.

elizabeth said...

Definitely not bad at all, and I hope the guilt passes and you can rest some. GD sounds like no fun at all to deal with.