Friday, September 16, 2011

Once more into the breach

Tomorrow and Sunday are my last 2 days of work before official maternity leave. The OB and endocrinologist were worried about the funky night schedule messing with my insulin dosing and blood sugar, so I haven't worked nights, but I can still work days. This weekend is my last. There are 22 hours of work (give or take, depending on how busy we are) between me and maternity leave! I'm on an alarmingly normal sleep schedule - I've been going to bed between 12am-1am and getting up at 9:30. It feels very strange. Mostly I'm doing this so that I can space my meals and snacks out regularly, as well as take insulin when I'm supposed to. It's been much, much easier to manage the GD this way. I kind of regret not doing it sooner. On the other hand, we couldn't do without the income!

I'm conflicted about whether or not I'm looking forward to work. I really do love my job, and I miss it when I'm not doing it. I'm excited about seeing cases tomorrow. On the other hand, my hips have hurt a great deal this week, so I'm concerned about my ability to be mobile tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that no major surgeries come in, or else I might be calling for back-up. I limped a great deal of today. Only 18 more days - give or take.

In other news - one of my foster kittens was returned to me yesterday. This is Fish Kitty - a beautiful, DMH tuxedo kitten that I fostered several months ago. The girl turned out to be rather irresponsible, and she is moving back to Pennsylvania. Her mother would not allow her to bring the cat with her. Thankfully, she called me. Fish Kitty has been reinstalled as a foster at this time. She is one of the sweetest kittens I've met in a while - but she is CRAZY. She's about 8 months old, and she is into everything. I haven't had this age of kitten in the house for a while, so it's an adventure. Fortunately, Fish Kitty is very, very sweet. We're leaning towards keeping her, believe it or not. Nuts, I know. That will bring the cat total up to 6!

I will hopefully have some interesting cases to post from this weekend - 'cuz it's gonna have to do ya'll for a while. Shortly, my mind will be occupied with everything BUT veterinary medicine.

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