Monday, May 2, 2011

My grandfather taught me well

I always think of my grandfather when I'm forced to do something I'm not necessarily sure is in my best happiness interest but in the best interest of my family and my current situation.

Hypothetical person dealt with the situation very poorly when she finally confronted the colleague. Later on, she apologized for her unprofessional response, ignoring the un-professionalism inherent in the original action.

Hypothetical person has decided that being pregnant, being the sole source of income, and needing to provide a stable home, while building savings for maternity leave are the most important things right now. Said person can get what she needs to done at work and done well. She has decided winning popularity contests is not what work is about - its about doing your job, doing it well, and letting the rest go. It may not be pleasant for a while, but everything blows over. Some new drama always rears its head.

Our hypothetical friend has found a great deal of peace. It helps that she is off work for the next 9 days, she had an ultrasound today and everything looks great with her little girl, and her mother is visiting for the next 3 days. There are more important things in life than work, right?


Elizabeth said...

yup Family!

Holly said...

There are a great many things more important than work. However, for most of us, and especially those of us involved in emergency services, work takes up a very great percentage of our lives. What I've found in my 20+ years at my job....this too shall pass. I only have to be here and put on my work Face for X number of hours. These are coworkers, not friends.

VetVoyeur said...

We go to work to earn the money that allows us to do the things and spend time with the people that make our lives meaningful. Having work we enjoy is a bonus, having a workplace we enjoy is a miracle. All workplaces have their problems. I'm glad you've found some peace. VV

clairesmum said...

no one at the end of their lives regrets not spending enough time at the office! just do what you have to do for now to get thru the work days and keep the stress as low as you can, so you and your baby can be healthy. think of it as preparation for parenting - cuz that is a job where you have to choose your battles, ignore stuff that is not life threatening, and generally go with the flow in a lot of ways. most of the jobs in my life i have loved the clients/students, but found my coworkers to be the ones who really pushed my crazy buttons sometimes. i have to pay attention to slow down my responses so i don't react in ways that are not healthy for ME. I'm no good to my patients if I am all stressed out, and that's how I remind myself that taking care of me first IS a basic factor in providing quality professional care to my patients. Good luck, breathe deeply, and just do what you can.

D. Richard said...

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