Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hazards around the home

Animals injure themselves in the most unlikely ways. This little guy came in last night, whimpering and bleeding. Thankfully with heavy sedation and a little maneuvering, as well as a few sutures, we fixed him up really nicely.

In other news, my weird anaphylaxis patient is doing ok. At our urging, her owners took her to the specialty clinic for continued care. She has not improved fully, but she is much better than she was. She's been able to maintain her blood glucose and blood pressure, and sepsis has not occurred. She is still "not right" mentally, but she's alive. I'm grateful for that.


Holly said...

oooo, that looks painful. WHAT is it tho?

glad to hear the little dog is still with us.

Liz said...

It looks like the drain in a shower, maybe?

The Homeless Parrot said...

Yes, it's a shower drain. The dog was in the bathtub, and his toes slipped through!

Liz said...

Poor dog! Good thing my not-so-smart beagle is frightened to death of the shower. It'd be exactly something he would do...special dog.

Least the drain came out without too much trouble? I think the biggest thing would be removing the shower drain from the shower. xD

voguevet said...

OUCH. Glad to hear your previous patient recovered.