Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sorry that I've been AWOL - work and all. I leave for Florida in about 24 hours for the North American Veterinary Conference. This is my third year in a row. My 2 best friends from vet school are joining me again, so fun should abound.

Things have been amusing here. Work has been dreadfully slow, so there's not much to say on that subject. The snowy weather has been beautiful, but it has wreaked havoc on the roads. I had to drive 20mph on the interstate to get home yesterday morning, and there were cars in the ditch and wreckers everywhere. For some reason, the minute snow hits the ground, everyones' brains shut down. Semi trucks were passing me at 60+ mph. I watched an Isuzu Trooper nearly roll itself right in front of me.

Sometimes, I hate that I have a job that requires my presence no matter what. Some of my techs called in and said they couldn't make it (they live deep in the country). Unfortunately, I have no such option and must risk life and limb to get to the clinic. Fortunately, my hand-me-down Mercedes SUV drives like a total champ in the snow (other than one hitting the curb incident at 3mph). Today, it is cold, but the sun is out - so the roads are clear. No hindrance to getting to the airport in the morning.

I'll keep you posted from Florida (if I can).


Elizabeth said...

Enjoy yourself and recharge the batteries!

Mary said...

Have fun in Florida! The woman who runs the rescue where I volunteer is heading down for that same conference with the shelter's avian vet, so you may run into each other :)

Glad you made it through the snow OK.

Holly said...

enjoy yourself in Florida! Color me jealous!