Saturday, January 15, 2011

Greetings from NAVC

The first day of NAVC has been underwhelming. The ER talks I attended this morning were EXTREMELY rudimentary. The first was titled "Common Mistakes to Avoid in the ER." I was very excited, because the speaker is a very dynamic, interesting woman, and I picked up many pearls of wisdom from her last year. The talk however, was geared toward GPs, not ER practitioners. So, I was already aware of all the pratfalls she discussed and gleaned nothing new from it (nor the next 6 hours of lecture).

The day did not improve from there. The only bright side was seeing friends from vet school and having dinner with my internmate, 2 doctors from my internship, and some other friends. It's lovely to hang out and be social.

And, further on the bright side, I'm attending the VECCS (Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care) conference this year (in September), so at least I'll be learning new and fascinating stuff. I'm very excited about that!

Our day started at 6:00am, and it is now 11pm. I think I need to collapse, as I am EXHAUSTED.

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Holly said...

well 2 things spring to mind:

1. You aren't at work so even boring is ok

2. You aren't at work, so you can go to bed if you want or stay UP if you want!