Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My formerly crippled Doberman

Now runs and chases her tennis ball until her tongue hangs out. My husband was running with her regularly, and she loved it. He's been busy with school, we were in Hawaii for a week, and then we came back, and I was busy with work, so she hasn't had nearly as much exercise as normal. Tonight, we took her to the park, long after dark, in the low 40 degree weather. The tennis courts were empty, so we closed the gates and threw the tennis ball to her heart's content.

It's amazing, watching this dog that could hardly hobble to a standing position in March go racing after her ball like a greyhound. If you'd seen her then - you wouldn't realize that this was the same dog.

I couldn't ask for a better dog.


Holly said...

what magic did you work on your dog?

I'm sure it was a high magic,too.

just sayin'

The Homeless Parrot said...

It's amazing what a healthy, balanced diet, exercise, and a little TLC will do. She's not even on any joint supplements!

Holly said...

and time. Time to heal helps. Love doesn't hurt either. I am so glad for your dog....she's lucky to have landed with you and your family.

love and time (and diet) are all magic tools aren't they?