Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We are siamese if you please...

So, the burned tabby incident was still eating at me. And then this showed up at work, courtesy of a good samaritan. This kitty was suffering from a ruptured globe and an eye socket full of pus. This is fairly common in kittens that develop upper respiratory tract infections with herpes virus or Calici. Sometimes - as in this kitten's case - the infection in the eye gets so bad that the eyes are just eaten away and replaced with a big bag of pus.

I couldn't put him down. He was too sweet and tiny. So, last night, when I had a moment, I took his eyeball out of the socket (or the pus-filled bag that had replaced his eyeball).

Little man is expected to make a full recovery. Now, does anyone need a one-eyed Siamese?


Elizabeth said...

Aww he is adorable.. Good for you, you should be able to find him a home easily. You help the ones you can... You done good!!!

I adopted one on Saturday that a good samaritan had taken to the shelter. He was hit by a car and the owners let it heal without any veterinary care and it healed into a sort of hook. When he got very sick from infection he was dumped in a ditch. A local vet cleaned up the massive infection that set in and then 2 weeks ago amputated his leg. We named him Simon and I am taking him to the Vet today to get his sutures out.. He is fitting in nicely although my 19 yr old cat is a little po'd.. I thought she would just be happy i didn't bring another dog into the house..

I understand that some people cannot afford veterinary care but stuff like this makes me ill.

Anonymous said...

I'll take him - I live in MA.

Brittney said...

Just stopping by via Parrot Musing. I'm a 3rd year vet student, former zookeeper (okay, current zookeeper for the summer)and all around animal lover. I love it when I find blogs written by vets!

VetRN said...

I would!! Already have two tripods and a one-eyed kitty, as well as one who with chronic recurrent URIs due to hemobartonella/calcivirus/herpes as a small kitten. My spare bathroom is set up as a mini kitty-hospital for her as well as my frequent fosters requiring isolation/fluids/treatments and whatever else rolls in. Oh, yeah--I have 2 healthy elderly dogs and a neurotic but otherwise healthy Ragdoll around here somewhere, too! (I am in southwestern PA).