Saturday, May 1, 2010


4am, and I can't sleep. My work schedule is all messed up. One of the other vets went to Mexico last week for the VECCS Institute. Since she was gone, the shifts had to be divided up between myself and my other colleague. As a result, for the next couple of weeks, my schedule is not normal.

As a result, instead of working Wed/Thurs this week, as I normally would, followed by Friday off, and working days on Sat and Sun, I worked Tues/Wed/Thurs night, and I have the weekend off. It's lovely. Big plans...kicking off with tonight!

Two friends are staying with us. We traveled to a nearby, big city to see an outdoor concert tonight (My Morning Jacket, a very favorite band). It was great. The venue is absolutely GORGEOUS, outdoor, and the night was balmy and perfect, with stars overhead. All in all, a wonderful evening.

Tomorrow (or technically, this morning), I have big plans for brunch...buttermilk pancakes, bacon, eggs, grits. It would be helpful if some sleep could occur beforehand.

Next week, I have to finally take care of something I've been delaying forever. Rabies vaccines. Yes folks, I am not vaccinated against rabies. It's ridiculous that I've delayed it this long. It's not a fear of shots or doctors...just a general reluctance to go and get my immune system hyped up. Who knows why? Oh right, the $875 price tag! To think, I had the opportunity to get it done for $60 in vet school, and I missed it. Stupid.

I have to stake my tomatoes, they are becoming unruly and tall. I also need to trellis my they don't take over. Cuke revolution!

Sunday, we're seeing Grease done by one of the local high schools on Sunday afternoon.

I know this is all very fascinating...

Work has been dreadfully slow lately. This is when the busy season starts (spring and summer), so I'm surprised and a little worried. I'm sure it'll get better shortly. Let's hope so...

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