Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holy geez, it's HOT today.

Off I don't want to discuss work. Ha. Just kidding. I have stuff to talk about, but it will have to wait.

We discovered yesterday that our hot water heater is leaking. So a new one has been ordered and will arrive tomorrow. That was my stainless steel stove...:( I guess I'll have to wait on getting it.

I sated myself by buying some inexpensive but lovely patio furniture, a patio rug, and some pillows. I also plan on putting some plants out on the screened-in porch - tall, bushy green ones. I played in the dirt today - the front beds. I finished mulching. I started that about a week ago, didn't have enough mulch, was interrupted by work, and hadn't been able to get back to it until today. I had good intentions of doing it on Tuesday, but after rabies shot #2, my arm was too sore to haul giant bags of mulch. So, it didn't get finished till today - inarguably the hottest, sweatiest day this week. I also planted a couple more annuals - bright yellow, mounding flowers. The rose bush is still sitting out back on our patio table, waiting to be put in the ground. It doesn't seem to mind.

Who knew I would end up enjoying gardening? Certainly not myself. I've never even had the slightest inclination to do it before. Now, I have all these plans, and read landscaping books and magazines. Perhaps I'm a pod person.

We went and saw "How to Train Your Dragon" yesterday. It was a very sweet movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly. We didn't pay the extra $5/ticket to see it in 3D, and I actually kind of regret that. I don't enjoy 3D movies particularly, but the flying scenes in this movie would have probably been worth seeing in 3D. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, and it's a sweet story.

Not much else here to report. It's hot, I'm dirty. I should probably shower...but I don't want to make water come out of the hot water heater (small leak).

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