Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yeah, I know

that most of you don't read this blog to hear about food. Really, work has been work lately, and I haven't felt like typing about it. Not because I'm unhappy or because work hasn't been going well - quite the opposite. Other than a run of cases determined to remind me of my own fallibility, work has been great. I just haven't seen anything lately that blew me away (other than some referring veterinarian incompetence...which shall make another post).

Tonight, I made THE cookies. If you aren't familiar with THE cookies - they are supposedly the best chocolate chip cookies ever. This is according to the NY Times, a questionable source, admittedly. Anyway, the cookies are chock full of specialty items (cake flour, bittersweet chocolate feves or discs, and SEA salt), and they cost a fortune to make ($19 for all the ingredients).

On the other hand, they are truly beautiful to behold and might just be the best cookies ever. The sea salt sprinkled over the dough adds a great hint of tang to the sweet.

I finally bought a cast iron skillet to make breakfasts upon. I've been doing pancakes and eggs a lot, and a frying pan is just a pain the ass. The 15 pound skillet I bought works much, much better. Damn, is it a beast though! We made thick cut, boneless pork chops (from our local meat market) with dry rub and caramelized onions on it tonight. Quite tasty with garlic mashed potatoes and a fresh salad.

Is it sad that I get this much pleasure from food?

I've recently realized that I really identify more with the Paula Deen school of cooking than with the **insert some famous French chef's name here.** I like comfort foods, rich, delicious, unhealthy. I don't like raw fish or strange concoctions that would fit in the palm of my hand. I like big, hearty meals. What's wrong with that, I ask? I will try anything once. Heck, I tried sushi 3 times. It just doesn't work for me...

P.S. : Quality control in the kitchen is crucial


rgcarr said...

The cookies look great. Not so sure about Titus eating off the plate. Are you sending me cookies for valentines?

DrSteggy said...

Food is one of life's greatest pleasures. Nothing wrong with enjoying all aspects of it--preparing it, eating it, talking about it. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wouldn't mind some of those cookies either. They are beautiful.

belovedparrot said...

Great picture!