Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been on my 9 day off stretch.

Over the past weekend, my BF from Knoxville came and spent the weekend. We had a delightful time together - mindless shopping excursion on Saturday, dinner with Jim's sister, our nephew, and BIL on Saturday night, then out to see a live show later in a small, intimate local venue. It seats about 75 at maximum. We saw Cary Ann Hearst - whom I absolutely adore musically and personally. She's obscenely talented. We also saw a band called Red Shepherd (very good) and another localish band called Raised by Wolves. Due to the amount of alcohol imbibed, Sunday was spent sleeping VERY late, eating VERY greasy food to recover, and a late start home for her.

I had my 6 month job review with our office manager and 2 of our shareholders. All around excellent. I was very, very pleased. Here's one comment from my review: "X has been an excellent addition to our team. She came with a great knowledge base, brings new ideas to the team on a regular basis, and promotes the growth of our business. She has an exceptional amount of knowledge regarding her profession. She genuinely exhibits care and compassion for her clients, patients, and staff. She prides herself on client communications both while the patient is in our care and after." Pretty nice, huh?

We had a doctor's meeting yesterday to discuss work stuff, and we have a staff meeting tomorrow to translate the doctor's meeting to the staff.

I've been an utter sloth. I don't even have any bread to show for my time off. It's pretty sad. On the bright side, there are many things that I am looking forward to coming up:

Rogue Wave, March 8th in Atlanta - chance to see a great band in concert and spend the night with my internmate and classmate from vet school

Band of Horses, April 23 or 24th in Raleigh

My Morning Jacket, April 30 in Cary

A visit from Jim's cousin in mid-March for the weekend

A possible visit from my parents (fingers crossed) in mid-March

I'm sure there is more to report, but I'm already bored with myself.


Hermit Thrush said...

Congratulations on a stellar review. That is indeed pretty nice. Sounds like you have found your calling, at least for the time being:)

Mara said...


Anonymous said...

A most excellent review! I've got one coming up next week (I've been there almost a year) -- hope it goes half as well as yours did.

~Angie in MN

Elizabeth said...

Awesome job review!! Way to go..

The Homeless Parrot said...

Anigie - you are alive!! How are you? Snowed in for the last 5 months?

Anonymous said...

Doin' good, thanks! Gave up the blogging gig -- two teens, a dog and a full-time job just made it too much of an obligation I couldn't keep up with, but I'm still lurking around and commenting here and there.

~Angie in MN