Friday, August 21, 2009


I try very hard at my new job to foster positive client relationships. I try to be a good example to technicians by not badmouthing clients or ranting about stupid/uninformed people. It's very important for me to set a positive tone. It helps the techs work better, it makes for a happier work environment. It also makes me happier because I just let it go when people are asses or have a sense of entitlement or are just plain rude. On the other hand...GOD - some of them get under my skin no matter how good my attitude is. That's what the next 2 posts are. I needed to vent. ER medicine is a hard field - people bring in severely injured and sick animals, are under a great deal of stress, and often must cough up a large chunk of money in the middle of the night. I UNDERSTAND that. I empathize. I've been in the ER myself - notably when I had a kidney stone. I was screaming and vomiting. It's stressful and scary.


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