Friday, August 21, 2009

Stay away from sharp objects

Dear I don't have the money to spay/neuter my pets but can afford an enormous escalade with 20 inch rims and pay for very colorful tattoos covering 80% of my body client:

Thank you for bringing in your actually very sweet SharPei this evening. It's possible he's so docile because he's in shock from blood loss. Keeping your 2 intact male dogs with your intact female dog is not a good idea, despite the fact that they've lived that way for a while. Yes, not spaying/neutering them can lead to aggression - especially when a female is in heat around 2 intact male dogs.

No, it will not cost less than $300 to repair the massive wound in your SharPei's head. Threatening me by saying that you're just going to put him down if it costs that much is not an effective way to get me to help you. I WILL help your pet by giving him some pain medications and bandaging his wound. It's very considerate that you don't want him to suffer while you make a decision.

On that note, no, you should not be able to see DOWN the ear canal by looking through the hole in the neck. Further, I should not be able to put 2 hands inside your SharPei's neck. Unfortunately, he is going to need many thousands of dollars of repair, as - given his breed - sutures will be a difficulty. Oh and yes, he is going to need multiple drains, as well as probably 2 days of bandage changes BEFORE we sew him up so that we can stabilize him and prevent him from developing sepsis and SIRS secondary to his massive trauma. And yes, you have to pay for that "up front."

Truthfully, thank you for letting me put him down - as I doubt he would have received the care he needed.

Have a great night,

Sincerely, Dr this could have been easily prevented with SPAYING AND NEUTERING or at least separating your male dogs from your bitch in heat

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Nicki said...

awesome. people can be so dumb