Thursday, July 16, 2009

The sound of echoing

The loan has been approved, the title is clear, and on Monday, we will own our first house. Wow.

Our last rental house is bare and echoing. My best friend from vet school is here and helping clean and organize. The semi is almost completely packed and will be shipped out Monday. It shall arrive (hopefully) Wednesday or Thursday. Till then, we will be sleeping on an air our NEW HOME.

The cats and birds are completely freaked out about the absence of furniture. Despite moving 11 times in 11 years, they have never adjusted to the hullaballoo.

We go home for a family reunion on Friday/Saturday, then return to Chattanooga on Sunday to pick up the traveling zoo, and then to North Carolina and our new home! It's going to be a long and exhausting journey with 9 animals, but at the end waits our house. OUR house! It's a very, very fine house.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Home ownership is never boring...

Beloved Parrot said...