Friday, December 12, 2008

the sun is out!!

i'll tell you what - new york city is depressing when it rains. since wednesday morning, it has steadily either drizzled or outright poured. coupled with the drop in temperature (30s), walking around can be exhausting. you've got to have gloves, a hat, a jacket, an umbrella, a's a lot of stuff to lug around and manage anytime you enter or exit a place. it was tiring! thank god the sun is out today and is supposed to remain out tomorrow for my last day here.

yesterday, i made my first foray into the subway alone. i only got on the train going the wrong way once, thankfully. otherwise, it was uneventful. i made it to soho and noho (i didn't know that existed, honestly), did some light window shopping (i haven't actually purchased anything in NYC, other than food), and got myself a huge slice of greasy new york pizza.

last night, my best friend and i elected to stay in, as the weather was bitingly cold and the rain continued to pour down. she made me dinner, we started watching tristan and isolde (a big fat thumbs down on that movie), and eventually fell asleep.

alas, the sun is shining today, and i am going to the village to do some christmas shopping for the people on my list. it's the first time since i've been alone during the day that it's not pouring, so i don't think it'll be nearly as depressing. new york city is a downright unhappy, sullen town in the rain. it's also kind of a lonely place to be without accompaniment during the daytime.

tonight, my other closest friend from vet school comes in from new jersey, and we're going out on the town. tomorrow, my friend is off work, and we're going to do the tourist-y stuff - the brooklyn bridge, coney island, hit up H&M, the empire state building, and whatnot. then i head back on sunday morning out of newark.

i love NYC, but i love home better.

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